Science & Technology

Middle School Science

Science and technology are so interwoven at Encinitas Country Day School, we’ve placed them on the same page to emphasize the importance of their relationship. Our science lab is equipped with everything you’ll need to for your sixth grade Earth Science Lab, seventh grade Life Science, and eighth grade Physical Science classes and beyond. In our lab, science concepts aligned to state standards come to life through academic lessons reinforced by hands on laboratory exercises using traditional laboratory equipment and Vernier technology-based laboratory instruments.

Science 7 - Life Science

This year long course offers inquiry orientated learning of the following subjects: cell biology, genetics, evolution, earth science, structure and function in living systems, physical science and investigation and experimentation. Students receive classroom instruction reinforced with field and lab studies.

Science 8 - Physical Science

This year long course offers inquiry orientated learning of the following subjects: motion, forces, structure of matter, earth in the solar system, reactions, chemistry of living systems, periodic table, density and buoyancy, investigation and experimentation. It reviews basic concepts in light, mechanics, electricity and chemistry while introducing such topics as lenses, energy transformations, conservation of energy, entropy, heat of vaporization, properties of solutions, solubility, fractional distillation and chromatography.

Science Elective 7/8 - Environmental Science

This science elective is a laboratory, field trip-based course investigating the aquatic habitats, resources and the effect of pollution on our local watersheds. Students will take water samples and perform water quality testing at various beach sites, and will record their analytical data on a students-generated web site. Elective only. May be used for 5th Core community service credit

Middle School Technology

Our students learn the basics of important computer-based programs for word processing, spreadsheets and database beginning in lower school and progress in sophistication during the middle and upper school years. Technology learned in our media center using our individualized on-line technology program are translated cross-curriculum to support student projects in the Science Lab, Art Studio, Performing Arts and on stage, on iPad apps used for math and science classes and in using online research capabilities available through our Library, Media Center, and throughout the school.


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