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Thanks to all of the ECDS students, parents, and staff members who participated in the Encinitas Holiday Parade on Saturday, December 6. This year’s exciting ECDS parade float design featured a Nutcracker Ballet theme. Students who walked in the parade were dressed as colorful characters from the ballet, including Snowflake Ballerinas, Nutcracker Soldiers, and Mice. Older students who rode on the float were dressed as the primary characters in the ballet, including Clara, the Nutcracker, the Mouse King, the Sugar Plum Fairy, a Nutcracker Soldier, and Snowflake Ballerinas. We invite you to view this video showing the ECDS parade float at the Encinitas Holiday Parade, so you can see our ECDS students in action!

ECDS Holiday Parade 2014


Building Foundations for a Life-Long Love of Learning

Montessori prepared environments, individualized instruction and credentialed staff, combine to form the developmental and academic foundation of our elementary school. Kindergarten students enjoy traditional exercises in the areas of language arts, mathematics, geometry, science, and cultural studies enriched by weekly music, gymnastics and art classes. Elementary students work through an expanded Montessori program that integrates art, music, geography, history, botany, zoology and physical science experiences with the development of academic skills. Concepts come to life in the hands-on Montessori environment. Students refine their understanding and skills through research, complementary exercises and field studies designed to help them gain a comprehensive view of their time and place in the universe. Weekly Music, Drama, Art, Science, Technology, Spanish and Physical Education instruction enriches student learning within and beyond the classroom. Traditional instruction and accountability includes regular authentic assessment and annual standardized testing. Montessori instructional methods are replaced by project-based enrichment at the middle school level.


Kindergarten classes include broad instruction to refine the senses, teach practical skills, prepare students for academic learning, and provide a view of the world in which we live. Students are prepared for elementary learning through third grade through individualized instruction in primary reading, writing, language arts and math, along with cultural studies, visual and performing arts and physical motor training.

Grades One to Three

Elementary I students (first to third grade) continue their primary learning of the basics in an environment that provides a concrete introduction to “great stories” that will form the foundation for their future learning in the upper elementary grades. Students leave third grade knowing where they are in the universe and when they are in time, and understanding how they fit in to the grand scheme of life on earth. Weekly classes in the arts and sciences, as well as physical education and character training, balance their days and enrich their learning experiences.

Grades Four to Six

Elementary II students (fourth to sixth grade) use their academic foundation as a basis for the advanced studies that will provide a smooth transition to the rigors of our traditional Middle School program. Student reading and writing skills are refined, and math instruction is focused on preparing students for higher math classes. Science concepts presented in the classroom are enriched by regular visits to the school’s science lab. Social Studies curriculum is aligned to current state standards for each grade. Projects and field trips enrich student learning. On campus library and media center provide resources for research. Physical education classes include opportunities for personal fitness and competitive sports.

Sixth Grade Transition to Middle School

ECDS recognizes the evolving maturity of their sixth grade students by providing a transition to middle school as they complete their last year of elementary school. This transitional year includes attending regular science labs that reinforce their sixth grade Earth Science curriculum, and attending middle school arts, foreign language, personal development, physical education options and athletics. In addition, sixth grade students share the performance stage, sports courts and field, and share lunch time with middle school students.


A Time for the Joyful Explorations of Early Childhood

Montessori prepared environments and warm, loving, credentialed staff come together to form the developmentally appropriate programs we’ve prepared to meet the needs of our youngest learners. Traditional exercises in the areas of language, mathematics, science, art and cultural subjects combined with early exposure to geography, history, botany, zoology and physical science lay a solid foundation for future academic learning. Hands-on Montessori learning materials support children in learning the basics at their own pace while satisfying their early childhood need for movement. Classroom art and science, playgrounds and gardens, weekly music and gymnastics classes and optional enrichment classes keep children busy with the work of a joyful early childhood. We’ve included a short video here and lots of detail about our Preschool and Kindergarten programs throughout our website. We also invite interested families to join one of our Mommy & Me classes for children not yet ready for preschool, visit our preschool, take a tour and observe our classes in action to see if our school may be a match for your child. We also plan Open House days and other family events. See our newsfeed for current details.

Preschool Campus Facilities and Program Information

Learn more about ECDS preschool offerings by following the links in the left sidebar, or following these links to our Encinitas Blvd and Manchester Ave preschool pages.


Manchester Campus

  • 3616 Manchester Blvd
  • Encinitas CA 92024
  • Ph: 760-942-1111

Encinitas Blvd Campus

  • 2155 Encinitas Blvd
  • Encinitas CA 92024
  • Ph: 760-942-2224