Language Arts & English

Lower School Language Arts

Individualized Language Arts Instruction

Individualized reading, language arts, spelling, writing and vocabulary curriculum meet or exceed state standards and assure students achieve academic goals. Students are assessed and placed in our adopted, literature-based reading program according to their individual reading and comprehension level.

Selected traditional and Montessori reading materials reinforce academic concepts and prepare students for traditional programs and testing. Hands-on Montessori materials support learning of grammar, language mechanics, spelling, and vocabulary. Traditional instruction, and workbooks reinforce learning and provide practice. Book reports, subject area projects and problem-based collaborative learning challenges give students opportunities further develop written and oral communications skills and prepare for middle school.

Encinitas Country Day School faculty use various authentic, classroom and computer-based assessment methods to monitor student progress, oversee student success and provide accountability. Standardized, nationally and locally-normed tests are administered each spring in all grades.

Middle School English

At Encinitas Country Day School students build extensive useful vocabularies for speaking and writing, strengthen grammar skills, enhance writing skills for a wide variety of purposes and audiences; and develop critical thinking skills through extensive reading and analysis of great literature.

English courses include writing strategies that teach students to write clear, coherent, and focused essays, fictional narratives, research reports, summaries, and responses to literature. Discussions of literary works cover plot and setting, characterization and conflict, imagery and details, theme and universality. Reaching far beyond simple skill development, the ECDS Middle School English program helps build character through reading, discussion, and analysis of the struggles and choices that challenge us all.


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