Philosophy: In a typical traditional drama classroom, students are required to conform to sedentary techniques and learning is introduced part-to-whole and dependent on memorization. This forces the student to use the left brain short-term memory bank of the brain where knowledge is quickly lost without endless repetition. This stifles the more creative right side of the brain. In order for students to learn the skills that help them to expand their creative ability, they must develop their practical, intuitive and mental intelligences, using right-brained activities as taught through the use of dance (movement), drama, mental imaging (visualization), imagination and other artistic modalities. When this occurs, the students’ academic and social abilities are supported.

Practical Application: Employing these techniques, concepts are presented whole-to-part (offering the “big picture” first), in much the same manner used in our Montessori classrooms. In this way, creativity flourishes and student abilities are enriched toward reaching full potential. The skills being taught within the ECDS drama program today assist Encinitas Country Day School’s faculty in further integrating the school’s character development values and understanding of emotional literacy. This rich program expands our arts program and provides opportunities for our students to broaden their understanding of themselves, and expand their abilities and interpersonal skills to maximize their creative and entrepreneurial potential, as will as enrich their attitudes about life.


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