Expected Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (ESLO’s)

Encinitas Country Day School students will develop their individual abilities to become WELL-ROUNDED persons of SCHOLARSHIP, INTEGRITY and SERVICE.

  • Well-Rounded

    Students will possess a broad understanding of the world in which they live and be prepared to apply personal, social, physical, academic, intellectual, creative, and practical capabilities to support their ongoing education and future success. Students will become life-long learners capable of reaching their highest potential according to their individual abilities, interests, efforts and determination.

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  • Scholarship

    Students will know how to learn and to the best of their ability, will become scholars in the traditional sense, enhanced by twenty-first century innovations. They will be able to communicate effectively and will be inspired to use their skills to achieve their highest potential. They will be able to perform effectively at the next academic level, and in the world at large.

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  • Integrity


    Students will understand and exemplify the principles that govern the life of a person of integrity. Students will learn that integrity is a positive match between their words and their actions. They will learn it is important to respect themselves, their friends, their family, their country and their environment. Students will understand that learning to be the best one can be is a life-long process.

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  • Service

    ESLO - Service

    Students will learn how to translate their awareness of the needs of others into thoughtful and useful service in their homes, classrooms, communities, and world. Students will know that anything worth doing is worth doing to the best of one’s ability, willingly, and with a smile.

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