Three Distinct Schools…One Succinct Mission: Encinitas Country Day School is currently comprised of three distinct schools — Preschool, Lower School, and Middle School. As the school grows it is expected to expand to serve upper school students. The schools are each designed to offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum to support student personal and academic success at each level and prepare students for each successive level, leading ultimately to our own planned upper school, higher education and life.

ECDS uses specifically designed curriculums to prepare students for successful transition to the next level and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Preschool and Kindergarten classes include broad instruction to refine the senses, teach practical skills, prepare students for academic learning, and provide a view of the world in which we live. Students are prepared for elementary learning through third grade with individualized instruction in primary reading, writing, language arts and math, along with basic visual and performing arts and physical motor training.

Elementary I students (first through third grade) continue their primary learning of the basics in an environment that provides a concrete introduction to big concepts that will form the foundation for their future learning in the upper elementary grades. Students leave third grade knowing where they are in the universe and when they are in time and understanding how they fit in to the grand scheme of life on earth. Weekly classes in the arts and sciences as well as physical education and character training balance their days and enrich their learning experiences.

Elementary II students (fourth through sixth grade) use their academic foundation as a basis for the advanced studies that will provide a smooth transition to the rigors of our traditional Middle School program. Student reading and writing skills are refined, Math instruction is focused on preparing students for higher math classes. Science concepts presented in the classroom are enriched by regular visits to the school’s science lab. Social Studies curriculum is aligned to state standards for each grade. Projects and field trips enrich student learning. On campus Library and media center provide resources for research. Physical education classes include opportunities for personal fitness and competitive sports.

Middle School students attend traditional academic classes with options for honors English and Mathematics. Academic classes are supplemented by timely and relevant instruction to support the changes of the middle years and facilitate a smooth transition to the rigors of a college preparatory high school. Science lab instruction, project-based learning activities and curriculum driven travel to State (Catalina Island) and National (Washington, D. C.) destinations provide students challenging adventures to enrich their middle years. All students are encouraged to participate in competitive sports by participating in Independent Middle School Sports League practices during regular physical education classes.

Upper School Our upper school is planned to support students as they continue their college preparatory classes. Qualified students will have an opportunity to select advanced placement courses or jump-start their college years by earning up to six college credits per semester in their sophomore, junior and senior years, taking selected classes at the college level to meet their high school graduation requirements. Project-based activities and real-life assignments will encourage student participation in real life civic, cultural, ecological, fitness, sports and service based activities. Community involvement requirements will support the development of leadership qualities and allow students to realize their ability to take an active role in their community and beyond.