Summer Programs

Summer 2021 Program Registration

To register, download, print, complete, and turn-in the Registration Form (pdf).

Summer 2021 programs are open to students enrolled to attend ECDS for the 2021-22 school year. Unfortunately, we are not open to the public this year.

VARIETY CAMPZ – Summer 2021

Heather Cavan

K & 1st Grades

Summer fun for children entering Kindergarten or 1st grade in fall 2021. Students enjoy a wide array of academic, artistic, and outdoor enrichment activities every week, including on-site water slides and water play on Splash Day. Each week includes an “on-site field trip” that accentuates the weekly theme.

The Ocean Is Alive!

Week 1: July 5 through July 9
Week 2: July 12 through July 16

The Ocean is the Earth’s largest biome, filled with fathomless opportunities to explore its beauty, power, and creatures. Each day of weeks 1 & 2, campers will be immersed in sea-related activities and projects during their trips to the Variety Campz Theme Room, Learning Center, and Art Studio where they will be inspired by stories, and engaged in play and creative expression.

Earth’s Creatures Come Alive!

Week 3: July 19 through July 23
Week 4: July 26 through July 30

Our blue planet is teeming with creatures that can be beautiful, ugly, or sometimes just plain other worldly. Weeks 3 & 4 will be a fun filled exploration of all sorts of animals through science, art, games, music, stories, and role playing. And yes there will be some creatures visiting!

Variety Campz – Weekly Rate: $335

  • 4-week bundle = $1,240
  • Second/subsequent siblings pay $310 weekly

To register, download, print, complete, and turn-in the Registration Form (pdf).

Rad Campz – Summer 2021

Jenn Budd

2nd & 3rd Grades

Summer discovery awaits students entering 2nd or 3rd grade in the fall. Campers will enjoy a unique combination of non-stop learning and fun that will keep them busy and engaged with awesome, theme-related experiments and activities. There will be plenty of time in the Art, S.T.E.M., and Computer Labs, and every Friday campers indulge in water adventures, either at a local beach or on our 27′ high GIANT “Hurricane” water slide.

Super S.T.E.A.M. Adventures

Week 1: July 5 to July 9

During “Super STEAM” Week, campers will explore engineering, simple circuitry, and a variety of science crafts in our Computer Lab, and STEM Lab / Makers Space.

Wet n’ Wild

Week 2: July 12 to July 16

“Wet ‘n Wild” Week will be filled with water sports adventures and marine biology exploration. We’ll also splash around with water safety skills and delve into the ocean ecosystem from the puny plankton to tiny sea star to humongous blue whale.

Fantastic Fantasy & Fictional Characters

Week 3: July 19 to July 23

During “Fantastic & Fictional Character” Week, campers will enjoy the swashbuckling, wizardry and heroics of some of the most beloved literary characters that have been immortalized in print and on screen.

Clever Carnivores

Week 4: July 26 to July 30

“Clever Carnivores” Week will get campers up close and personal with ferocious felines, boisterous bears, cagy canines, dinosaurs, and other fearsome meat-eaters that sport night vision, sharp teeth, powerful jaws, amazing leaping abilities, and stealthy stalking behaviors.

Rad Campz – Weekly Rate: $355

  • 4-week bundle = $1,320
  • Second/subsequent siblings pay $330 weekly

To register, download, print, complete, and turn-in the Registration Form (pdf).

Odyssey Campz – Summer 2021

Matthew Decking & Carla Herriges

4th, 5th & 6th & 7th Grades

Week-long Odyssey Campz summer adventures are designed to enrich the natural curiosity of students entering 4th through 7th grade in the fall.

Odyssey campers will enjoy themed weeks that utilize both on-site and off-site resources to blend non-stop, action-packed, hands-on learning experiences with loads of fun.

Eyes on Our Oceans

Week 1: July 5 to July 9

Do you have a child who LOVES the ocean? During this wet ’n wild week, campers will focus on the diversity and importance of Earth’s oceans. Hands-on science experiments and exploration are just the tip of the iceberg as students study many amazing aspects of the ocean including: Marine Biology, Marine Geology, Marine Chemistry, and Physical Oceanography. Excursions will include trips to local beaches and possibly water-themed venues. On-campus fun will include time on our 27’ high “Hurricane” water slide, and a surprise water play competition!

World of the Buccaneers

Week 2: July 12 to July 16

This year’s “Time Traveler Week” takes campers back to the days when crafty pirates wreaked havoc on Old World ships in New World waters. Campers will enjoy a fun-filled week of art, adventure, discovery, engineering, competition, food, and fun! Swashbuckling Pirates, and a host of adventurers and innovators from the European Age of Exploration, will inspire Campers as they prepare for and participate in our Brains and Brawn Accuracy & Agility Tournament at week’s end.

May the Force Be With You

Week 3: July 19 to July 23

Campers will go “techno crazy” this week as they focus on the history of technology, hands-on research, and creative building projects, as well as the science behind Star Wars. Campers will learn to innovate and collaborate, as they customize our famous RC battle bots, which get put to the test in an epic tournament at the end of the week that pits the Empire against the Rebellion!

Head in the Clouds

Week 4: July 26 to July 30

Campers will explore what’s in and beyond the clouds as they learn about the history of flight and the forces that make it possible. They’ll enjoy literal and virtual hands-on opportunities to fly gliders, and Remote Control propeller-driven planes and helicopters. They’ll even design, build and launch rockets that can fly as high as 500’ in the air! On-campus activities and competitions, and hopefully one or two off-campus excursions to flight-related venues, will round-out a week that will take your high flier out of this world.

Odyssey Campz – Weekly Rate: $395

  • 4-week bundle = $1,460
  • Second/subsequent siblings pay $365 weekly

To register, download, print, complete, and turn-in the Registration Form (pdf).

If you would like to enroll, please print the forms (print double sided if possible) and either mail or bring it to the following address. Include a check addressed to ECDS (Encinitas Country Day School). Register now and take advantage of early enrollment pricing!

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.

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