Joyful Learning for Mommy & Me, Preschool & Kindergarten!

A Time for the Joyful Explorations of Early Childhood

Montessori prepared environments and warm, loving, credentialed staff come together to form the developmentally appropriate programs we’ve prepared to meet the needs of our youngest learners. Traditional exercises in the areas of language, mathematics, science, art and cultural subjects combined with early exposure to geography, history, botany, zoology and physical science lay a solid foundation for future academic learning. Hands-on Montessori learning materials support children in learning the basics at their own pace while satisfying their early childhood need for movement. Classroom art and science, playgrounds and gardens, weekly music and gymnastics classes and optional enrichment classes keep children busy with the work of a joyful early childhood. We’ve included a short video here and lots of detail about our Preschool and Kindergarten programs throughout our website. We also invite interested families to join one of our Mommy & Me classes for children not yet ready for preschool, visit our preschool, take a tour and observe our classes in action to see if our school may be a match for your child. We also plan Open House days and other family events. See our newsfeed for current details.

Preschool Campus Facilities and Program Information

Learn more about ECDS preschool offerings by following these links to our Encinitas Blvd and Manchester Ave preschool pages.