Mission & Vision


Encinitas Country Day School is established to provide a comprehensive education designed to challenge and inspire students to reach their individual highest potential in a dynamic and changing world.


Envisioning well-educated, socially conscious, young adults who are prepared to face the challenges of a changing world with skill, confidence, self-control and moral strength.

Expected Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (ESLO’s)

Encinitas Country Day School students will develop their individual abilities to become well-rounded persons of scholarship, integrity, and service.


Students will possess a broad understanding of the world in which they live and be prepared to apply personal, social, physical, academic, intellectual, creative and practical capabilities to support their ongoing education and future success.  Students will become life-long learners capable of reaching their highest potential according to their individual abilities, interests, efforts and determination.   To become a well-rounded person:  Students learn to take care of themselves, and have ongoing opportunities to develop their physical, intellectual, and creative abilities.  Students are trained to balance the expression of their abilities in their day-to-day lives.  They gradually understand and learn how to be aware of and constructively express their emotions, to be attentive and courteous to their family and friends, and to be understanding and supportive of those in need.  They explore the elements of personal integrity and have support in maintaining their connection with their family religion and culture.  Students will be well-rounded individuals; prepared to bring their best to their family, community, and world. 


Students will know how to learn and, to the best of their ability, will become scholars in the traditional sense, enhanced by twenty-first century innovation.  They will be able to communicate effectively and will be inspired to use their skills to achieve their highest potential.  They will be able to perform effectively at the next academic level, and in the world at large. To become scholars of the twenty-first century:  Students will learn their time and place in the universe and how they can complement the greater world around them at each stage of their development.  Using this foundation, students explore the arts, sciences, the world’s literature, history, and methematics.  As students of the digital age, they learn to effectively integrate and apply the arts, and sciences using STEM, STEAM, and STREAM activities.  Students develop their ability to communicate in oral and written language, conduct research, and present their findings.  They are challenged to think critically, analyze scientifically, and discuss respectfully;  and to use their skills to succeed and exceed expectations academically, and in their everyday lives.  **Students will be well-educated, life-long learners; prepared for success in higher education and to take their place in a twenty-first century world.  **


Students will understand and exemplify the principles that govern the life of a person of integrity.  Students will understand that learning to be the best one can be is a life-long process.  Students will learn that integrity is a positive match between their words and their actions. Students develop an understanding and respect for their family religion and culture.  They learn it is important to respect themselves, their family, their friends, their country, their environment and their world.  Students learn the connection between today’s actions and their future life.  They learn about and are encouraged to live the various qualities of character and the principles of self-control and self-motivation.  Students learn to set goals, execute plans, analyze their progress, make course corrections and work hard to reach their goals. They learn the value of honesty, the importance of friendship, the power of environment and how good habits make self-direction and self-control easier. They will learn to recognize the importance of the opportunities they have and the value of time.  **Students will become self-disciplined, well-behaved, responsible persons whose principles and actions are marked by universally recognized qualities of character and evolving wisdom and understanding. **


Students know how to translate their awareness of the needs of others into thoughtful and useful service in their homes, classrooms, communities, and world.  Students know that anything worth doing is worth doing to the best of one’s ability, willingly and with a smile.  To become serviceful individuals able to positively impact their world:  Students will develop an awareness of and respect for others that begins at home and gradually expands to include thoughtfulness, understanding, and service to their family, classmates, friends, community and world.  Students use their skills to help others and will be guided to include the happiness of others in their concept of happiness.  Students face challenges with enthusiasm.  They find ways to be helpful and implement their plans willingly and with a smile.

“How far that little candle throws his beams!  So shines a good deed in a weary world.”      William Shakespeare

  Kid Friendly ESLO’s:    Be Smart, Be Good, Be Kind, Be Ready!


Our Encinitas Country Day School Crest

The circle signifies strong and enduring friendships. The hawk signifies faith in God and reaching one’s highest potential. (American Indians believed that the red-tailed hawk carried their prayers to heaven). The hawk’s red tail (looks like a fulcrum) signifies balancing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. The three gold stars signify the School’s guiding principles for students: scholarship, integrity, and service. The Motto, “Ad Vitam Paramus” means “We are preparing for life.” The blue field represents, “seeking the truth in all things.” The burgundy field represents courage and success in meeting the challenges we face in the battle of life.