Physical Education & Athletics

Middle School physical education options include opportunities to participate in individual and team competitive sports offered by the school in association with selected sports organizations. Students may choose from any current offering or to arrange for independent physical education when a schedule can be arranged that is satisfactory to the school.

Scholastic Junior Golf Association (SJGA)

Middle school students may elect our SJGA physical education option each semester. SJGA participation involves on an off campus classes and competitive events.

Independent Middle School League (IMSL)

Sports Encinitas Country Day School is a member of the Independent Middle School League (IMSL) along with 4 other area schools. The school league competes in three seasons; Fall, Winter, and Spring, in both boys and girls sports.

  • Fall Season: Boy’s Flag Football, Girl’s Volleyball, Girl’s Cross Country, Boy’s Cross Country.
  • Winter Season: Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Soccer, Boy’s Soccer.
  • Spring Season: Girl’s Basketball, Girl’s Track & Field, Boy’s Track & Field.

Although we seek to be competitive, everyone who goes out for a team gets playing time in our games or competitions. The most important elements for us are to teach our students both an understanding of specific sports skills and develop a love of physical activity. This supports our students in developing habits of fitness and sportsmanship that will carry well beyond their middle school years.