At Encinitas Country Day School students build extensive useful vocabularies for speaking and writing, strengthen grammar skills, enhance writing skills for a wide variety of purposes and audiences; and develop critical thinking skills through extensive reading and analysis of great literature.

English courses include writing strategies that teach students to write clear, coherent, and focused essays, fictional narratives, research reports, summaries, and responses to literature. Discussions of literary works cover plot and setting, characterization and conflict, imagery and details, theme and universality. Reaching far beyond simple skill development, the ECDS Middle School English program helps build character through reading, discussion, and analysis of the struggles and choices that challenge us all..

English 7

This yearlong course focuses on literature study, vocabulary development, grammar, and writing skills. Through the use of fiction and nonfiction literature selections, students will experience the richness of our language, read and analyze to discover meaning and participate in whole-class discussions using higher-level thinking skills. Students’ writing skills will grow through a variety of writing experiences, including descriptive, persuasive, and creative writing. Examinations of choice, attitude, and loyalties in literature enhance the students’ own character growth.

English 8

In this yearlong course students will build on skills developed through grade 7. They will read and analyze literature to discover meaning; they will use and improve writing, listening, speaking and thinking skills to ensure understanding, application and appreciation. Writing instruction will emphasize persuasive essays, biographical and fictional narratives and research reports, as well as examine business, career and technical skills.