ECDS Students Kick-Off the School’s 25th Anniversary Year with Music, Song and Ceremony!

May 30 / 2024

ECDS leadership, students, teachers and friends were called together by the sounds of a conch shell followed by student vocalists singing “We are the World” accompanied by staff and parent musicians and singers. All the singing and celebration brought everyone together in song, clapping and swaying to mark the beginning of the School’s 25th year. The school’s founder made a few comments about how the work of the school, its teachers, families and students has been continually expanding over the years, like the ripples created by a pebble that is thrown into a pond. She pointed out how that expanding circle has had far-reaching effects in the lives of students and their service to others has expanded to the greater community and the world. She asked students to join her as she identified 24 great things to celebrate about the school and asked students to release one dove for each one. Principal Lehmunn released the twenty-fifth dove, and the entire school community welcomed the beginning of the 25th anniversary year and all of the things students, teachers, families and friends will do in the future to make this world a better place, for you and me. Then music and song rang out again as the entire flock was released by the students. There were feathers, flashes of white and circling birds everywhere. It was a great beginning for a great year. Thanks to everyone for participating and making it a memorable occasion.

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