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ECDS Celebrates 15th Anniversary of TK to 8th Grade Campus

Oct 12 / 2020

Last week, ECDS celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the opening of its 12-acre, TK though 8th grade campus on Manchester Ave. The event featured music and prayers, flags and fun, and an awe inspiring release of doves.

TK through 8th grade students gathered in socially distanced “cohorts” on the playing field, and enjoyed popsicles and ice cream sandwiches afterward.

Students from all grade levels wrote prayers for themselves, their school, their country, and the world. One prayer was selected from each grade level to be read aloud and a student from each grade had the honor of releasing a dove. Students, staff, and parents watched attentively as 105 birds took flight, and marveled at the way the flock circled and assembled high overhead, awaiting every bird’s return to the “avian cohort” before heading home to their nearby roost.

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