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First Friday Assembly – November

Nov 12 / 2014

Students on the Fall Sports teams were presented with certificates and photos at November’s First Friday Assembly on Friday, November 7. The 7th Grade class also gave a humorous presentation about the character value of “Time Management” at the assembly. The presentation began with a 7th Grade student having a bad year in 2014 because he had no Time Management skills. He used the “time machine” propelled by another student to travel back in time to 2001 to learn how his lack of Time Management skills caused the problem. Then, he traveled forward to 2018 to learn that his life would be very bad if he didn’t improve his Time Management skills because he wouldn’t have money to buy food. Finally, he returned to 2014 vowing to improve his Time Management skills to create a better life. ECDS students in the audience really enjoyed the presentation and the acting skills of the 7th Graders, judging by the amount of laughter from the audience!

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