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Halloween Parade & Assembly – Encinitas Blvd. Campus

Nov 05 / 2014

The Halloween festivities at the Encinitas Boulevard campus on Friday, October 31 were enjoyed immensely by everyone. All the children and teachers were dressed in their finest Halloween costumes, and one by one, each classroom joined together and created a parade around campus. The parade ended in front of the stage where a large black cauldron awaited. Ms. Chanel, dressed as a witch, Ms. Traci dressed as a Princess Bunny, and Ms. Julia dressed as Princess Elsa performed a little skit about friendship. They poured liquid Love, Honesty, Cooperation, Gentleness and Kindness into the boiling cauldron (along with a few spiders and snakes!) to create the perfect Friendship Brew. The children also received an apple from the witch and a magic ring from Princess Elsa, after which they went back to their classrooms for some Halloween treats. It was a delightful day, and a very exciting one for the children.

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