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Halloween Parade & Assembly – Manchester Avenue Campus

Nov 05 / 2014

The annual Halloween Parade and Assembly were held at the Manchester Avenue campus on Friday, October 31. The 5th Grade classes led the Halloween Parade as it wound through all the classrooms, with students from each classroom joining the parade after it had gone through their room. The parade route led to the amphitheater where the students enjoyed a special Halloween Assembly. The highlight of the assembly was a funny dance performance by ECDS teachers and staff members to the song “What Does the Fox Say?”. The teachers and staff wore costumes to portray different animals, and they danced a routine led by Coach Enrico Piazza (the Fox) and ECDS Drama Instructors Mr. Kraig Kidd-Dragula and Ms. Deb’bora John-Wilson (the narrators). The finale of the show included displaying words about character attributes and traits on stage, to show how important all of these character values are to the ECDS community.

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