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Weekly Connections 01/28/2012

Jan 28 / 2012

Congratulations to the ECDS Soccer Team on their first victory this week, with a final score of 1-0 in their game with the San Diego French American School!

It’s Spelling Bee time! Classroom spelling bees will be held in every Grade 2-8 classroom next week, with 2 finalists from each classroom competing in the All-School Spelling Bee on Thursday, February 9. Parents are welcome to attend the All-School bee. Contact Mr. Lehmunn for any questions about the spelling bee.

Principal’s Message

This week marks the halfway point of the year and this is also the time that parents begin to visit the classrooms of the teachers in the next grade. This is also the time of year that rumors about who is teaching what grade, etc. begin to buzz around the campus as well. I want to put an end to some of these rumors by stating very clearly that we do not even begin to look at who is teaching at which grade level until the April/May time frame. That is the point in time when we have a much clearer idea of how many students are enrolled for next year at each grade level. To try and do it now just invites a great deal of speculation and hurt feelings when it is later discovered that a certain favored teacher is not going to be at a grade level.

Classroom Assignment

I would also like to make sure that everyone is clear on how and when students are assigned to classroom for next year. I do not even begin to look at classroom assignments until after school is over for the year. I do talk with the teachers in each classroom and ask for information about who is at which academic level, who does not get along with each other (both kids and parents), who gets along too well with each other, and teacher recommendations for next year. As we form the class assignments, we try to balance the classes academically, boy/girl, and numbers, as well as the prior year teacher comments and recommendations. Parents can make a request for teacher assignment, and that is thrown into the mix. If all things are equal, and a class has 19 assigned with room for one more, and there are 2 or more students left who have requested that teacher, the final deciding factor is the date of re-enrollment. I would ask that parents not make too many requests for classroom assignments. Every year I get some parents who may ask for 5 or more other students to be with their child AND 4 or 5 other students not be in the class. Please be aware that requests like this are simply not possible to completely fulfill as other parents get to make requests too.

— Mr. Lehmunn

Encinitas Blvd. Director Message

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather and sunshine that has continued this January. Next week will be the last week for early re-enrollment (February 3rd, 2012). This means that as an enrolled family you are entitled to re-enroll your child/children at 2011-12 rates. We offer this early re-enrollment discount in order to encourage you to make your decision to enroll for the next school year before we open enrollment to new students on Monday, February 6th, 2012. As always, early re-enrolling students will be placed prior to admitting any new students, therefore there is no cause to be concerned that you will not be able to re-enroll successfully. Please come and see me in the office for any assistance. Have a wonderful weekend.

Warm Regards,
Joanna Safarik

From The Manchester Office

Remember to check the Lost and Found for any missing items. Anything not claimed is donated to charity at the end of each month, and the end of January is fast approaching. The Lost and Found is located next to the office in the area where Ki’s Lunch is served.

Music & Drama News

Middle School Performances

Mrs. Crawford and Ms. Colby would like to invite parents and grandparents to their Middle School Music and Drama Performances, which will be on Friday, February 10 at 2:00 pm in the Amphitheatre. Your 6th, 7th and 8th grade students have been working hard to prepare for their performances, so be sure to mark your calendars now so you can be in the audience for their show!

Auditions for “Music Man”

Students are invited to come and audition for “The Music Man!”, directed by Ms. Colby. Auditions will be on Saturday, February 4 from 8:30-11:30 am, and call backs will be on Sunday, February 5. Sign up to audition by sending email to See Ms. Colby’s Rising Stars website for more information on the audition process and answers to all your other questions.

ECDS PTO “Hawk Tawk”

Middle School Q&A

Parents of 5th and 6th grade students will be receiving an Evite invitation for a Middle School Q&A event, to be held at ECDS on Wednesday, February 8 from 6-8 PM. The event is targeted at 5th and 6th grade parents because we know that parents in these grades are currently evaluating Middle School options for their children. We’d like to invite these parents to come and hear more about the ECDS Middle School program, and we’ve invited Mrs. Porterfield-LaBerge and Mr. Lehmunn to come and answer any questions you may have. Free childcare will be provided. Please RSVP to the Evite invitation to let us know whether you will come to the event and if you’ll need childcare.

Valentine’s Day

We need parent and grandparent volunteers to help with the Valentine’s Day Cake Walk, as well as Valentine’s Day activities for Middle School students. If you’re interested in helping plan the Valentine’s Day events or if you can help on the day of February 14, please contact Valentine’s Day event coordinators Betty Jo Billickor Susan Bachand-Morone.

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